21 Secrets Series: Last-Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday Sales – only $10.00 US

21 High Impact, Immediately Actionable Secrets You Can Still Implement Before Holiday Season 2012

Has the holiday shopping season arrived? Almost.

Have you done everything you can do to be ready to convert those website visitors and boost your sales?

How about optimizing conversion those potential buyers engaging with your social, search and/or email marketing efforts into customers?

There is so much to do and so little time!

We want to help. That is why we asked some of the top experts in the industry for their best simple high-impact recommendations you can implement quickly. That way if you invest a little time and you will be able to optimize tactics across search, social, email and your website to lift your sales this holiday season.

This is NOT a report, white paper, case study, or promotional content.

What you get are 21 brief recommendations selected by us because they are: a) able to be implemented quickly; b) don’t require many resources; c) are high impact recommendations.

21 Secrets Series: Last-Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday Sales for only $10.00.

You can use the simple purchase experience at http://gum.co/FNad.

Don”t contemplate to evaluate, just pick up your copy today. If for any reason you don’t think this is worth $10 then simply tell us and we’ll refund you with a smile.

The experts we asked to contribute include:

  • Amy Africa, @amyafrica
  • Linda Bustos, @GetElastic
  • Jennifer Cario, @jennifercario
  • Shawn Collins, @affiliatetip
  • Brad Geddes, @bgtheory
  • Chris Hicken, @usertesting
  • Avinash Kaushik, @Avinash
  • Todd Malicoat, @stuntdubl
  • Geno Prussakov, @ePrussakov
  • Russ Somers, @rsomers
  • Shirley Tan, @ShirleyTan
  • Marty Weintraub, @aimclear

What others are saying about Last Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday Sales:

We know there is no silver bullet to success – it’s in the details. Having this book (and hopefully more) will serve as our guide to continually stay focused this holiday season and and allow us to grow the business.
Brian Gordon, ebeanstalk.com

We are always looking for the home run as we go into the holiday season but it is the little wins that makes the biggest impact. My suggestion to you is get a copy of this book read it then share a copy with everyone in your company that has anything to do with the website or your marketing program. Just getting a few of these tips implemented will have a massive impact in the coming weeks and months. No excuses now make it happen.
Simon Rodrigue, Experienced eCommerce Executive – GM of Walmart.ca

A fantastic piece of work.  This is a very useful guide, containing concise ideas which should be easily understood and executed by any ecommerce manager.  The discussion about prioritization was particularly well done and all the important bases have been covered.  A must read for any company preparing to make the most of the upcoming holiday season.
Tim Harris, CEO of Tienda.com

You can use the simple purchase experience at http://gum.co/FNad.

21 Secrets Series: Last-Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday Sales



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