Keynote speakers Bryan or Jeffrey Eisenberg engage & align your audience on increasing revenue

Why do companies like, Google, Microsoft, Forbes and HP call New York Time bestselling co-authors and brothers Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg to speak to their audiences?

For over two decades they help companies recover Revenue Blindspots that cost them 10-30% of their revenue. The Eisenberg Brothers have helped companies increase sales by over a billion dollars using their Persuasive Momentum Framework. They coach and train hundreds of companies like Google, NBC Universal and Health Insurance Innovations. They help sell products as diverse as SaaS software, eyeglasses and pig sperm. They help you to anticipate what customers need and how to innovate, staying ahead of them.

Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg, have been the keynote speakers for many corporate events and industry conferences around the world such as Inbound, AdTech,, Direct Marketing Association, MarketingSherpa, E-consultancy, Gulltaggen, Dreamforce and the Canadian Marketing Association.

“Bryan spoke at our annual Marketing Kick-off, and it was fantastic. He immediately disarmed the marketing team with his great sense of humour. His content was both appropriate and relevant. Best of all his presentation spurned lots of conversation and actions once the marketers got down to writing their plans. Bryan’s content resonated.. He made it real…”

Sandy Perlman – Director, Central Marketing Group, Microsoft

Marketing keynote presentations & training topics include:

  • Revenue Blindspots
  • Developing a Sales System to align Marketing, Sales & Operations
  • Customer Experience & Customer Centricity
  • How to Be Like Amazon
  • Growth through Innovation & Optimization
  • Understanding the Future Shopper
  • Digital Transformation

“Bryan Eisenberg’s keynote presentation of “21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites” at our 2010 Online Merchandising Workshop received the highest rankings of any session in’s history. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bryan for many years professionally and personally. In all those years he’s been a consistent contributor and partner to; delivering educational and inspiring content to our members. However, with “21 Secrets,” Bryan set a new standard for speaking excellence, appealing to everyone from managers to C-level executives.  So – by popular demand we are inviting him back to our next event so more of our members can learn from this innovative presentation.”

Larry Joseloff – VP, Content,

They have been the featured speaker/coach for many organizations such as Forbes, WebEx, New York University, Columbia University, Omniture, VMware, McAfee, Google, Yahoo!, LowerMyBills, and Microsoft. They are considered among the top 10 user experience gurus, an IBM Futurist, one of the iMedia Top 25 Marketers, one of the top 10 most influential marketers and a DMEF Rising Star Award winner.

Some of our recent keynote speaking topics include:

Revenue Blindspots:  Using the Persuasive Momentum Framework To Increases Sales

Every company has blind spots. Blind spots are the disconnect between customers’ expectation and their actual experience. Everyone knows what it feels like to make changes that make customers happier and increase sales. The challenge for companies is to pinpoint how to connect with customers. How to position their products and services in ways that sustain engagement.

Most companies don’t have an awareness problem. Their challenge is sales conversion. They attract potential customers, but fail to identify obstacles in the funnel. They also fail to motivate customers, in the proper context, to propel customers through the customer journey. This has only become more challenging as consumers and companies move between channels – offline to online and back. Customers expect seamless and consistent positioning, messaging and engagement. Companies struggle to provide this at any individual stage, much less through the entire lifecycle of a customer.

The Eisenbergs provide keynotes, workshops and consulting that help reveal the blind spots and how to fix them. The Persuasive Momentum Framework anticipates then provides solutions for those blind spots. The Framework provides action plans for products, positioning, sales copy, promotion, content, user interface, testing and measurement. Teams use these action plans, innovating customer experiences to increase sales. Frameworks are also easier to implement than finding superstar talent.

    • Discover the single perspective that sales leaders share
    • Explore the two dimensions you can use to improve sales
    • Learn the three simple questions that speed the persuasive momentum of your entire sales system
    • Align your teams for better execution around the four pillars of success
  • Identify what your customers want so you can provide it

Saying Goodbye to the Buy Button

saying goodbye to the buy buttonMarketers always adapt. Television forced adjustments from sound alone to moving images on a screen. Personal computing birthed an adaptation of an interactive screen. Mobile computing coerced cramming that interaction onto a smaller screen while on the go. Now, we are about to move from any screen to none. How do we adapt? Siri, Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and IBM’s Watson are in the early days of conversational UX . AI assistants and robots are also beginning to play a meaningful role in our lives. Will AR and gestures change the way we shop? What happens as more and more of these interactions influence our buying behavior? How do we develop a plan to keep up with these rapid changes?

Creating Legendary Brands: a business process to grow sales, align customer experience and operations

buyerlegends coverIn this motivational but practical presentation you will learn about Buyer Legends, a business process that uses storytelling techniques to map the critical paths a prospective buyer might follow on her journey to becoming a buyer.  You will learn how this process aligns strategy to brand story to the buyer’s actual experience on their customer journey. Discover how these easy-to-tell stories reveal the opportunities and gaps in the customer’s experience within the current marketing & sales process. Learn how these legends communicate the brand’s story intent and critical touch point responsibilities to your entire team, within every level of an organization, from the boardroom to the stockroom. Business executives, business owner and marketers will delight in how Buyer Legends reconcile the creative process to data analysis; aligning metrics with previously hard-to-measure marketing, sales, and customer service processes. Buyer Legends deliver quick and tangible results. The first result is improved execution, communications, and testing. The second result is a big boost to the bottom line.

Watch Jeffrey present a clip from this presentation:

See Bryan deliver a version of this presentation:

How to Make Amazon’s “Four Pillars” of Success Work For You

Amazon performance secretsIn 1994 Jeff Bezos said that would be “earth’s most customer-centric company”. At Amazon, customer experience and execution tower over marketing and promotion. Building great customer experiences doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It requires an intense focus on details and an obsession with delighting customers. Companies need to examine their actions. And whether they measure what they value most.

This presentation will help you understand why Amazon dominates every business it enters. And what you can do to compete. There are four pillars. Customer Centricity, Continuous Optimization, Creating a Culture of Innovation, and promoting Corporate Agility. Every company can leverage these same four pillars to thrive.

The Future Shopper

Nobody argues about if search, social, and mobile technologies impacted customers’ minds and buying behavior over the last five years. Today companies worry about keeping ahead of their competition; while the truly critical issue is keeping pace with their customers. Technological and social advances are forcing companies to embrace authenticity, improve customer experiences, or suffer the consequences . This session will show you how the convergence of communications, logistics and financial technology continue to evolve, as they always have, in order to reduce the friction in the customers’ buying process. You will understand  all the ways these technologies will change our professional and personal lives in the near future. If  your company isn’t prepared to handle this future, it could be after this session!

“Bryan has been the keynote speaker at our Norwegian events, Gulltaggen and the SEM-conference, several times. He is always appreciated and well liked as he has both extensive knowledge and is a really talented presenter. We are sure he will be back in the future as the Norwegians continues to ask for his insight in the digital market.

Bryan inspires our audiences to think differently!”

Anders Willstedt – Managing Director, INMA/IAB Norway


Bryan is consistently a best-in-class presenter for industry events. One recent 2012 Annual Summit attendee said it best when they deemed Bryan’s big data presentation as “worth the price of the event.” Bryan’s energetic style, customized messaging, and focus on the tactical tips every conference attendee wants and needs to learn make him one of our favorite people to work with – year after year.

Artemis Berry, Senior Director, Content and Community,

“Jeff did an amazing job at Dreamforce 2011. Not only was he well prepared for our audience, but he encouraged participation through his personal style of engagement. He was able to present very potent content without overwhelming the audience—a great speaker all around.”

David Austin, Senior Manager, Web Analysis & Testing,

“When looking for an anchor presenter for the SEMA Online Marketing Conference we found Bryan to be in high demand, and now we know why. He’s not only a dynamic presenter but he really knows his stuff and connects well to his audience. Our attendees, who aren’t at all shy about expressing their displeasure with sub-par presentations, gave him top ratings and actively sought out one-on-one meetings with him. We’re grateful to have him share his insight and experience this year, and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Thomas Myroniak, Vice president Marketing and Member Services, Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)


“I had the pleasure of working with Bryan on a presentation for our client conference. Bryan was sensitive to our specific needs, timely in the delivery of his content, and delivered a presentation to over 350 clients in an engaging, dynamic, and professional manner. Not only did Bryan deliver a great presentation, but he committed the entire day to our conference and guided multiple breakout sessions. All of his presentations were highly rated by attendees. Bryan is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to others considering his services.”

Rick Allen, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Mortgagebot


You can reach them to discuss speaking at an event by calling (347) 470-GROK (4765) or emailing him at bryan  (At) I am based in Austin, TX.

Additional testimonials about Bryan & Jeffrey as Keynote Speakers

I was watching the audience while Jeffrey was doing a keynote for Convergence 2010, our digital media summit and they were memorized and hanging on to every word during his presentation. Following the presentation I was approached by several of our attendees about how good his presentation was and how much great data and great ideas they received. One attendee told me: “Just bring him back next year and have him talk for two days; I don’t think we can get enough of him.” True story.

Eric Rhoads, Chairman -Streamline Publishing, Inc., Radio Ink Convergence Conference & Publisher Radio Ink

“Bryan Eisenberg is a joy to watch, listen to and learn from. His energy and his sense of humor and playfulness dramatically support the deep knowledge he is able to convey to an audience of one or one thousand. You walk away with an overwhelming feeling that you just like this guy – and then you realize just how much smarter you are for the experience. As an event producer and public speaker, I have also seen Bryan behind the curtain, preparing to speak. He is a consummate professional, dedicated to his craft and constantly adding new material to keep his presentations fresh, fresh, fresh. After nine years of speaking at my conferences, Bryan consistently pegs the needle on the survey results.”

Jim Sterne – Producer, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

“Bryan spoke at the Nordic eCommerce Summit in May 2010. He presented his 21 secrets of top converting websites. Bryan is an engaging and fun speaker delivering a high performance. The audience ranked him as the top speaker of the conference. Bryan delivered specific tips for the audience, tips many of them the day after could start implementing in their sites. The core value of The Nordic E-Commerce Summit is to deliver knowledge and inspiration to the e-tailers and Bryan really did this!”

Kristian Hagset – Director of Marketing and Sales, Wipcore AB

“Bryan originally spoke as our Keynote at our flagship annual conference “Online Marketing Masterclassess: How to Acquire, Convert and Retain Customers Online”. Who better to talk about Conversion Optimisation than Bryan? Not only is he clearly a world-class expert in his field but Bryan is a fantastic speaker. Even though he was first after lunch, a tough slot, he both educated and entertained the audience. Our highest-rated speaker of the day! We’re now working with Bryan again, in the US as well as the UK.”

Ashley Friedlein – CEO E-consultancy

Jeffrey spoke for 90 minutes to our June 2010 Austin Marketing Meetup. Despite a very last minute date change on our side, he pulled in a standing room only crowd plus we had a waiting list. His talk was engaging, fun, chock full of amazing anecdotes and actionable information. We continue to receive an overwhelming amount of positive attendee feedback on the event. We were thrilled to have Jeffrey come share his ideas and experience. We very much look forward to a repeat performance in the future – in an even bigger venue!

Laura Alter – Organizer Austin Marketing Meetup

“If you want a glimpse at the future and a large dose of reality, listen carefully to Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg. They are entertaining and compelling speakers. They left our group buzzing for the rest of the conference!”

Michael S. Hyatt – President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Nelson on behalf of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association

“Bryan brings insight and real-world experience into the art of selling online. He gives practical advice and ideas that you can walk away and implement right away for real impact into your business. Not only is he a compelling speaker, his content is useful for retailers, marketers and executives across the retail spectrum. As retail changes, we look forward to learning from Bryan’s perspectives and honing the success of our retail customers with his insights.”

Ken Burke – Founder and Chairman, MarketLive

“Bryan is an extraordinary speaker with valuable content to share.. I can’t find the words to describe his presentation, his interactivity, his spirit. I’ve seen lots of speakers,and Bryan is world-class. Even though I was the organizer of Romanian eCommerce Awards Gala; I was left speechless by Bryan’s presentation. I just sat on my chair and I didn’t care about what was going on, about the time, about the Gala. I absorbed every last word from Bryan and I would have stayed on my chair for hours just to listen and learn from a true Guru. I’m not an important international figure, I’m not Bill Gates, I’m just Andrei Radu from Romania who is working hard for e-commerce industry, who organizes the only E-Commerce Romanian Festival for 5 years… I’ve talked with bankers, payment processors, interviewed the elite of of the foreign and Romanian eCommerce Market… None of them compare with Bryan Eisenberg.”

Andrei Radu – Organizer and Journalist – Romanian eCommerce Award Gala

“Thank you for your guest lecture in our VIP Lunch Dialogue series at New York University.  The students and alumni of the graduate program in direct and interactive marketing were, as I hope you could see, most enthusiastic about the expertise and insights that you shared.

Your style of engaging them in your presentation was especially effective, and one day after your talk, the students in my Business Plan class were inspired to improve conversion in their businesses, so you are already having an impact on our next set of graduates.

I know that you have a busy schedule, and it was most generous of you to take the time to share the principles of Persuasion Architecture with the NYU students and alumni.”

Dr. Marjorie Kalter – Graduate Program Director and Professor, New York University, Master’s Program in Direct and Interactive Marketing

“Bryan is a keynote level speaker and best selling authority because he knows what he is talking about, end of story. When Bryan speaks, people stop and listen. One of the most requested speakers on the Search Engine Strategies circuit; I always look forward to his next appearance.”

Matt McGowan – VP & Publisher, Incisive Media

“I’m always pleased to have Bryan Eisenberg on an Internet Retailer Conference agenda. He brings his considerable experience and knowledge to every presentation. Bryan consistently offers to attendees deep insights and action-oriented information—and does it in a clear and engaging style.”

Kurt Peters – Editor in Chief, Internet Retailer

“… training for British Information Services was like a banquet in a foreign land……very rich and filling… and with a number of surprises that challenged our thinking.  It has taken us a while to fully digest.  We are now applying the lessons we learned and reaping the benefits.  They are just as important for an ‘information’ site like ours as for ‘commercial’ websites. Many thanks.”

Sarah Kendall- Head of Media and Marketing, British Information Services New York

“Bryan keynoted the first-ever Capterra Conference and did an excellent job.  His content was exactly what our audience of software marketers needed given that website conversion is one of their largest issues.  His points regarding personas were also spot-on.  Bryan is an exciting and entertaining speaker and he laid everything out in a very logical and engaging way.  He also did a break-out session where he picked apart websites from the audience on the fly and this received some of the top reviews from our conference.  Bryan was excellent to work with and we only hope that he will help us with future events.”

Michael Ortner – CEO of Capterra

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