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What Your Form Design Reveals About You

There is no question that improving the forms on your website can improve your conversion rate. In fact, Gavin Doolan, of the Google analytics team, did a wonderful job explaining the basics concepts needed to improve form conversion rates. However, what do the forms that exist in the “wild” tell your visitors about you? Does it say you care about your visitor? Your sales team? Your legal department? No one? This past week one of my MarketMotive conversion optimization students…

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Is 2010 the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization?

This is not very digital, but even a stopped clock is correct two times a day. My first ClickZ column, “Marketing is NOT Sales” was written exactly nine years ago today I wrote this column. Soon after the dot-com crash, I wrote: “For all that’s being written about various marketing strategies, success in e-business, as in any business, isn’t about marketing or about design; it’s about sales… Ultimately, it’s about the conversion rate: the percentage of visitors your site can…

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Strategy Challenges for Effective Online Marketers, Part 2

In my last column I covered the first three of seven online marketing challenges. Marketers often find they need to: Reach more people. Reach better people. Have more resources. Improve testing and usability. Redesign. Obtain better metrics. Improve conversion rates. Let’s consider the latter four challenges: 4. “We need better testing and usability.” Evaluate how easy it is to buy from you. Determine if your visitors quickly can find what they’re looking for. Check out the ease of your check…

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