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Simplicity: Google’s Secret Pay-Per-Click Tax

We want it simple! Given a choice, human beings choose simple over complicated virtually every time. Searching with Google is simple. You type in a few words and Google delivers the most relevant results. So, what could be simpler than Google pay-per-click advertisements? People search for stuff, you craft a 95-character advertisement with a URL based on that search, you make a bid telling Google how much that searcher is worth to you, searchers click on your ad and go…

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An Intervention for a PPC Addict

In my previous life, I was a social worker who helped mentally ill and chemically addicted adults on their road to recovery. I see many of the same symptoms of addictive behavior in too many pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers today. After all, there’s something terribly seductive about the simplicity of creating a PPC (define) ad; within moments your ad shows up and gets you clicks. As the high continues, you crave more, adding more keywords and new campaigns to keep increasing…

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The Google AdWords Drama

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even kiss your money good bye. Google AdWords is one of the most remarkable advertising vehicles in the history of marketing. No matter how simple 95 characters seems to be, there is no denying the complexity of executing well. Of course, the fact that not all the rules or all the data are presented well doesn’t make it any easier. What amazes me is how most people don’t take full control over what they…

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Poor PPC Management from PPC Management Vendor Marin. Oooops!

Pay Per Click management can be a challenge when you have lots of keywords, ads and landing pages you are working with. So many companies choose to use PPC Management software like Marin, Kenshoo or ClickEquations*. Today I did a Google search for SES Chicago that is coming up next week and I will be attending. I saw a PPC ad that I though was a brilliant idea. It gets an A for strategy, but an F on execution. Which…

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