Persuasive Online Copywriting Training

Ever struggled to write a headline?

The right headline can double, or even triple conversion. But how do you know what to say? We’ll show you how to generate lots of effective headlines that speak directly to your customers’ strongest felt needs.

Want more effective landing pages?

Do you have a high abandonment rate on your landing pages? It could be what you’re saying, but it could also be what you’re NOT saying. Learn how to know what questions your customers are asking and how to answer them effectively.

Want to create a consistent voice for your online communication?

What is your website’s voice? Are you going for friendly, professional, fun-loving? How can you communicate that voice throughout all your marketing channels? We’ll help you find your voice and communicate your company’s personality to your customers.

Copy is the most overlooked, yet the most important tool you have to persuade your visitors.

All your marketing dollars may be wasted if visitors arrive on your website and your message is not relevant to them. If they are not persuaded, they will NOT take the action you want them to take.

What Will Be Covered

If you need to write copy, whether you are a business owner, marketer, or copywriter, this course is for you. Persuasive Online Copywriting is about persuading your visitors to take the actions you want them to take. You’ll learn proven methodologies for creating powerful, persuasive online copy. You can apply these principles to increase conversion, i.e., increase sales or leads.

This one-day seminar is packed with practical real world examples and “how to” exercises. The focus is on giving you simple, but effective, techniques that will significantly improve your persuasive web writing skills. Our goal is to make sure you have the ability to implement these techniques the very next day at work.

Among the Persuasive Online Copywriting topics we’ll cover:

  • How writing for the web is different from other mediums
  • How to understand your audience
  • Writing for diverse customer segments and Personas
  • Proper web layout
  • Writing for the screen and formatting for maximum readability
  • How to set a voice and tone that engages your visitors and helps them take action
  • Writing effective navigational buttons and links to gain persuasive momentum
  • How to write more persuasive product descriptions
  • How to ensure your copy is found in the Search Engines

The truth about copywriting courses

Becoming a remarkably better writer, in the sense of improving your core ability to make readers see, feel, and experience what you want – that’s a goal that takes consistent effort over months and years.

It ain’t gonna happen over a few day seminar or even a few week course.

But becoming a better Web copywriter?  You can become 2-3X better than you are now in a matter of days.

Online Persuasion: Emotional Relevance vs. Wordsmithing

The truth: copy that converts twice as many visitors is almost never “better” writing in the sense of being finely wordsmithed.   Copy that converts simply:

  • Addresses the varying felt needs of different visitor/customer segments.
  • Answers all the visitors questions within the sales copy itself, without requiring anyone to hunt through an FAQ
  • Creates persuasive momentum with each click/hyperlink so as to create buyer confidence in visitors the farther they move into your website.
  • Allows visitors to drill down on the points that are most important to them, while also allowing them to skip past details they’re not interested in.

Want to create that kind of copy?

Persuasive Online Copywriting – the book, the course, and…

Before this class, you had to come to NYC, or Orlando, or San Francisco, and take Persuasive Online Copywriting in person, during a all-day intensive course, normally taught back-to-back with Call to Action.

And neither of those courses has been offered in over a year.

Then there’s the book, Persuasive Online Copywriting.  Before it’s re-issue this is a book that sold used for more than $100 a copy. And that Copyblogger’s Brian Clark recommended as one of his Top 5 Books on Copywriting.

But a book can’t give you feedback or individualized instruction, or even tailor it’s material to your exact situation.

And that’s where the online version of our famous POC Course comes in.

POC Taught Personally by Bryan Eisenberg and Jeff Sexton

This may be the cheapest online consulting advice you’ll ever receive from Bryan Eisenberg, an industry legend within the Web Analytics, Website Optimization, and e-Commerce spaces.

In addition to being a sought-after speaker, Bryan Eisenberg is also a well-regarded teacher of Call to Action and Wizards of Web – an instructor who routinely teaches to rave reviews.

And Jeff Sexton is a long-time teacher of the in-person POC course as well as a highly regarded Web copywriter and writing coach.

You’ll get both of them instructing your course  through Webinars, web-based writing assignments, writing feedback, and follow-up Question and Answer sessions.

Course Specifics:

  • Starts Nov X, 2009
  • 1-Webinar (2 to 3 hour) each Tuesday for 3 weeks
  • 1 writing assignment per week
  • Monday morning feedback and Q&A session
  • $495 per person. Limit to 25 students.  Call for multiple-student discounts.

You can sign up here and once payment has been confirmed you will receive an invitation to the online meeting.

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