Leadership For The Marketing Optimization Team

digital power

I rarely get new questions I haven’t written about before in this column - as I approach my 11th year as a ClickZ columnist. Yet, at SES Chicago this week, one of the attendees asked me how you go about building out a marketing optimization team. What kind of people do you need? What kind of … [Read more...]

99 Excuses For Your Digital Marketing

Excuses, Excuses

Let’s get right to that list.... 1. Online Marketing budgets aren’t allocated to enable you do to the job right. 2. Because of #1, I am sure you could list 98+ more reasons! Too often the C-Suite has not figured out that your digital marketing (I include web, email, mobile & social here) activity … [Read more...]

Data Rich, Optimization Poor


Building an optimization culture is hard and it seems that it might be getting harder. My friend Avinash Kaushik, the analytics evangelist at Google, recently shared an important stat and his observation on Google+: Only 22% of companies have a strategy that ties data collection and analysis to … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Your Competitors May Be Kicking Your B&^(


There are a finite number of ways to stand out and capture significant market share in any marketing category. You can be lowest price driven (a dangerous path), operationally excellent, channel dominant, or focused on customer intimacy. Many companies excel at two or three but it is nearly … [Read more...]

The Conversion Trinity: The 3 Step Magic Formula to Increase Click Throughs & Conversions


Being able to share a great success you have is a nice thing, but it is even better when you have the opportunity to share your students' successes. Over the last couple of years I have seen my students shine writing for publications such as ClickZ, speaking at conferences, generating and publishing … [Read more...]