Top 10 Online Retailers by Conversion Rate: August 2009

Here are the top 10 converting websites for August 2009*. These are based on Nielson Panel data and are calculated by user to final conversion. Conversion-rate data is based on visitor conversion rates, not session conversion rates: i.e., No. of … [Continue reading]

SEM Konferansen 2009

I am back from Norway after having presented at the SEM Konfersansen 2009 to a great group of Search Marketers. I think they received the core of my message which was that most of them don't have a traffic problem but a conversion problem. Organized … [Continue reading]

How to Trim the Online Ad Budget

I hear one big question over and over again when I speak: where do I trim the fat from my online budget? If you aren't being asked to do more with less, then just wait. You will. Online marketers that have well-monitored stews of traffic on … [Continue reading]

TheGrok’s Not to Miss Links for the Week of 9/22/09

On October 8th, I will be keynoting Econsultancy's inaugural Peer Summit in New York. In order that Econsultancy readers could get to know the speakers better I was interviewed by Rebecca Lieb, who oversees Econsultancy's North American … [Continue reading]

Free Pre-Recorded Webinar: Recession Marketing: Pre-Click to Post-Click

If you couldn't join us last Wednesday, you can join us with this recorded version of Recession Marketing: Pre-Click to Post-Click. Join Craig Danuloff, from ClickEquations and David Brussin from Monetate as we explore using personas to create better … [Continue reading]