Measuring Social Media: An Interview with Jim Sterne & Avinash Kaushik

Video thumbnail for youtube video Measuring Social Media: An Interview with Jim Sterne & Avinash Kaushik - Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

Just last week, I had the pleasure of keynoting the fabulous eMetrics Conference in San Jose. While there I had a chance to sit down with my good friends Jim Sterne and Avinash Kaushik to discuss Jim's latest book Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment. If you … [Read more...]

The ‘Remarkable’ Challenge in a World of Mouth Economy


Remarkable -adjective - Worthy of being or likely to be noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary. "You want great marketing but nobody can be creative enough to compensate for the problem you have. The product you have been offering for the past 10 years just isn't that remarkable, in … [Read more...]

You Can’t Fake Social


Advertising guru, Roy Williams likes to say "Advertising only accelerates the inevitable" today I would add that "Social media only accelerates the inevitable." The point is simple, if you have a good business, with strong values, a great product/service, that takes good care of employees and … [Read more...]

Social Media Policies For Your Business

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How are you handling social media at your business? Chris Boudreaux from the Social Media Governance blog has a collection on 80+ companies social media policies and growing. There are an additional 30+ social media policies here, including an interesting one from Kodak (PDF) and a link to an … [Read more...]