In my last few articles, I have been sharing some of the most interesting Big Data Marketing tools that focus in on marketing automation or adaptive learning & optimization platforms. The main reason is because I have seen how this movie plays out before in the CRM and Web Analytics space. There are hardly enough people out there that deserve the data of data analyst let alone the data scientists that Mckinsey is predicting the need for 150,000 or so in the next few years.

Alteryx President George Mathew, has also been quoted as saying “if only a handful of people can really take advantage of Big Data, it more or less defeats the purpose of making the investment in the first place.” This is why I am bullish on companies like InfoChimps and Alteryx; they’ll make it easier for companies to build their Big Data tools.

Last night, I presented to a packed house at the Austin SEM/SEO Meetup my latest presentation “The Money is In The Data: What Marketers Need to Know about Big Data” and the audience was quite receptive about some of the big data marketing tools I shared. Check them out:, DataPop, BloomReach, and Runa. I am still evaluating a few more and will share them shortly.

Disclosure: Jeffrey and I are advisors to OneSpot & Runa.

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