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Thank you for following the link from the Monday Morning Memo. Wizard Academy is our home and you are part of our tribe. We appreciate your interest and want to keep you informed. Here’s a little more information about Buyer Legends, the ebook to be published this summer, and a Wizard Academy course.

Buyer Legends is the process of using narratives and storytelling in your marketing and selling efforts. By writing stories – or buyer legends – about how your customers interact with your brand, you and your colleagues will better understand your customers and have a ‘legend’ you can use to map more compelling customer experiences.

In the last two decades we have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes that possessed varying degrees of talent and competence. We have tried it all, training and encouraging our clients to go deep into the marketing disciplines as well as guiding them through adopting a very robust optimization process.

But what we didn’t know early on was how a single piece of that optimization process, what we at the time called scenario narratives, would reveal itself over and over as the ‘one thing’ that has the largest impact on a company’s ability to sell more and effectively communicate their marketing directives to their team.

It took us the better part of two decades but we now know that when a company gets Buyer Legends right, everything else seems to fall into place.

With Buyer Legends you will

  • Improve communications. Your whole team will see and understand the bigger picture
  • Improve execution. You will turn big directives into purposeful and more effective actions
  • Improve testing. You will understand how to plan and implement more effective tests
  • Make more money. You will see improved conversion rates that make the up-front planning worth the time and effort

After reading this you will have more insight into why your marketing execution may not be meeting expectations and why your team might be struggling to “get it.”  You will begin to see how Buyer Legends ARE the final piece of a complex puzzle that has been missing from your marketing efforts.

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Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg


P.S.  If this interests you then also check out the workshop we will conducting at Wizard Academy: Buyer Legends on August 13-14


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