300dpi Light Bulb GrokI want to share two links I reviewed last week that will hopefully change the way you look at digital marketing & advertising and the way you manage data in your organization. Digital marketing seems to push people to be more analytical in their approach and there is nothing wrong with that, but you need to add the creative and intuitive side to your digital storytelling and marketing analysis.

Start with this video (thanks to Jeff Sexton for the share):

Project Re: Brief is an inspiring story about the need for creative thinking in the face of enormous technological shifts in the way we communicate.

Then read, share and discuss this article with your team:

What Data-Obsessed Marketers Don’t Understand








Reflect on your collective capabilities as an organization. Where is your power center? Which quadrant represents your unfair advantage by way of capabilities, culture, and organizational maturity? Which quadrants reflect your organizational liability? Where are you weakest today? How are your competitors positioned, and where are they likely to grow and expand?

I share how I think Amazon.com is strong in most of these quadrants in my keynote presentation “How to Perform Like Amazon.com” that I’ll be presenting in a couple of weeks. I hope you are there to see it.

How do you balance your customer-centric and data-centric capabilities in your organization?