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Please help me Speak at SXSW

I, along with other senior marketers, have proposed a panel called:

Thrive and Win in an Amazon World

These great panelists and I will discuss how companies can both use Amazon as a channel to grow, learn from its success how to compete against it, and which tactic is better for your company at its particular growth stage.

This is a very competitive process.  There are 3000 panels submitted this year and only “a small percentage” will be accepted. 

Speaking panels are selected through a crowd-sourcing process, which is why we are asking for your help.

Here’s the link for the full text of the panel including supporting info and videos: 

Please take less than 4 minutes to register and vote to help us present.

Voting on this panel ends Friday August 25th at midnight, but please don’t wait until then to help out.

Voting Instructions
So here is how you can vote:

1.  You register to vote here:

Once you have done this first step, you have done the hardest part

2. Then you vote (vote up!)

3. Comment

If you are so inclined, a comment on the panel page would be helpful as well.

Thank you for your help! I will let you know how this turns out.

For your listening pleasure: The Marketing Book Podcast

I had the honor to join Doug Burdett on his Marketing Book Podcast for episode 137. See why Doug says “I haven’t read a book like this since Who Moved My Cheese. It’s that smart and ingeniously written.”


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