Everything You Wanted to Know About Us…

It’s often the most neglected page on your website; if you even have this page. However, if you do, it is very likely among the most visited pages. I may be dating myself but it is the Rodney Dangerfield of web pages. It gets no respect. Do you have an “about us” page? Is it performing at the level it should be? As brands, we should want people to like us, to share our values, to feel validated by doing business with…

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10 Steps to Optimizing Copy and Content

If we could spend only a few minutes working together to optimize your website, we’d still get results starting with a process. When evaluating and improving any type of content or copy, there is a quick 10-step process you can use. 1. Headlines. Why are headlines first? They are the critical attention-getters that allow your visitor to determine if the page is relevant to her needs in just a few seconds. Readers of your pages scan the headlines and sub-headlines…

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