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Is Your Corporate Metabolism Killing You?

I read the news and it makes me sad for businesses today. It’s no news that we are in the midst of one of the worst economic crises ever, while working our way through one of the greatest periods of change ever. These two things are not unrelated. We are undergoing a revolution in commerce, logistics, and communications as disruptive as the Industrial Revolution. Some gurus will self-assuredly tell you it is the “social media revolution.” That’s just one strong…

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You Can’t Fake Social

Advertising guru, Roy Williams likes to say “Advertising only accelerates the inevitable” today I would add that “Social media only accelerates the inevitable.” The point is simple, if you have a good business, with strong values, a great product/service, that takes good care of employees and customers, advertising will help amplify your great story and your results. If you have a lousy product, treat customers and employees without respect, with advertising you’ll soon be out of business (although some airlines and banks…

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