Trim the Fat

How Can You Evaluate This Kind of Performance?

I just finished reading this article about an EBay study that questions the value of Google’s main Adwords service. I’ve been really impressed with eBay’s performance as of late, especially their mobile efforts. But, I am concerned how this news will be interpreted by others. I agree with them that any investment that is sub-optimal should be questioned about the value that is being returned. However, the first question they should be asking is, if their team’s efforts are really putting…

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A Marketing Optimization Fitness Plan

Is your corporate metabolism a bit sluggish? Are you dragged down by the weight of meeting-itis? Do you need more energy and resources to respond to the ever-increasing demands of your customers? Well I wish I could tell you about the next magical black box, with the persuasive infomercial that promises you miraculous gains without any of the hard work required. If you bought any of these gimmicks before and are tired of their sugar-coated promises and lackluster results, then maybe…

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What If You Had $1,000,000 To Invest 50 Years Ago?

And you had the choice of GM or Toyota to invest in. Which would you have chosen? 50 years ago GM had all the marketing muscle, the innovative cars, the great distribution and Japanese cars did not enjoy the reputation they have today? 50 years ago you would be sure that GM was the sure bet. But what changed? Dr. W. Edward Deming! In 1947, he came to Japan to help the distraught economy and he taught them the priceless…

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How to Trim the Online Ad Budget

I hear one big question over and over again when I speak: where do I trim the fat from my online budget? If you aren’t being asked to do more with less, then just wait. You will. Online marketers that have well-monitored stews of traffic on their site are hesitant to do anything other than add to the traffic pot. The thought of shifting or slashing online budgets and risking traffic is surely keeping many marketers up way past their…

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