Conversion and testing are what Jeffrey and I have predicted would be sexy since 1998. Luckily, even a broken clock is right two times a day and the recent news around companies we’re invested in:, and may finally prove us right (see below). We’re also encouraged by the amount of keynote presentations we’ve had to turn down in the USA and internationally.

Conference season will soon have me missing my family. I love meeting new people, please come introduce yourself, and reuniting with long-time friends. My first event is SES San Francisco from August 16th-18th. Will you be attending? If you are, let me know. I have a couple of seats left for a special dinner being put on by two of the companies I am an Advisory board member of: BoostCTR & Monetate.

There is some big news for both of these companies. Yesterday, Monetate announced that they raised $15 Million for their Real-time Testing, Targeting & Optimization Platform. They have been getting amazing results with their clients and many of them are looking for talented optimization people. If you are one of them – let me know.

BoostCTR is also exploding with opportunities since they announced their initial funding in March. It is a no brainer for clients – BoostCTR crowdsources to their network of expert writers the chance to beat the click through rate or conversion rate of their clients current PPC or FaceBook ads and if they can’t beat it the client doesn’t pay.

They are growing so fast that they are looking to keep adding writers to their network. If you are a writer and you really want to improve your ad writing skills, there’s nothing like throwing your hat into the ring as a BoostCTR ad writer.  You get to experience lots of split tests, earn money from your winnings, and have the losses paid on someone else’s bill. And all the while, you’re getting sharper and sharper at figuring out what really matters when it comes to writing Ad Words and Facebook ads.

Speaking of advisory boards, yesterday I officially joined the board of Tagman. You can read a Q&A on their blog about why I chose to do this at this time.

Next event, I keynote the Affiliate Summit East here in NY on Auguest 23rd. Then I am off to Frankfurt, Germany (my first time) to keynote the European Conversion Summit on Sept 1st. At the same time [the wonders of having a brother]. Jeffrey will be presenting at SalesForce’s DreamForce conference in San Francisco. He’ll be sharing our updated 21 Secrets  of Top Converting B2B Websites presentation.

September 13th & 14th I’ll be in Boston for Then the week of September 19-23rd I’ll be in Stockholm (my first time) for the eMetrics/IMC/SMX and in Oslo for SEM Konferansen.

If you aren’t traveling much be sure to catch my MarketMotive webinars or you can watch the replay of the 5 Biggest PPC Mistakes that SMBs Make and how to avoid them, courtesy of American Express Open.

Please share if you think others would benefit.