My iOS5 update is complete. Reminders could become my favorite app. I bet I’m not alone. Who doesn’t need a location aware reminder?

So what’s up Apple? As far as I can tell I can only see the reminders in iCal, while I’m on my Mac, but I can’t create or edit reminders.

Bryan and I are avid students of the Apple’s UX magic. We know Apple thinks that often customers can’t tell you what they want until they see it. Nevertheless, did Apple really think I would be abandoning the desktop completely when engaging with a To Do list? I’m sure someone will find a way to make a To Do list work with all my devices, until then I’ll have to stick with Google Tasks; which is a weak To Do list but at least it works the same on all my devices).

Am I the only Apple fanboy who thinks that Apple didn’t really think through all the use cases for a To Do list ?