Do you want to get paid less for any value you bring to your customer?

Obviously not!

Do you prefer to pay more for products than they are actually worth?

Today Payless announce they are closing all their stores.

I want us to step back too late November/December of last year (yes only a couple of months back) and take a look at what we can learn from the PayLess disaster to understand how we need to adapt to stay ahead of our customers.

What do I think is the future of local retail?

Could Amazon offer you 🚘/ride sharing as part of Amazon Prime? Is the battle for brands over private labels really a big issue? I chat about this and more with Tyler Kern on today’s MarketScale podcast.

A short interview by InRiver

I had the privilege to sit down with the wonderful content team at InRiver to discuss revenue blind spots and my upcoming keynote at the InRiver PimPoint Summit on the 4th of April in Malmo Sweden,