Our companies are nothing but the collection of action every one of our employees take.

What beliefs do your employees have about the organizations goals and vision?

In Alan Stein, Jr. new book Raise Your Game he quotes a famous Inc. magazine survey that first asked executives what percentage of their employees could name the company’s three top priorities.

The executives guess 64%.

When the researchers conducted the survey of the employees, the actual number was a sadly, only 2%.

“Two out of 100 employees knew what the company stood for. If you stop and think about how a company’s priorities are literally the reason it exists, you realize just how mind-boggling that number is.” – Alan Stein, Jr.

It is vital for an organization to align their values and beliefs into an internal narrative that can be shared through the power of storytelling.

When we left our agency almost a decade ago this is what we discovered was the trait that almost all of our past successful clients and students had continued to leverage in their careers. They mastered the ability to tell the story of their customer’s journey though their customers eyes in a way that made it empathetic and relevant for the whole organization.

Today we lead workshops helping teams get in alignment.

P.S. I had an opportunity to jump on a call with my friend Chris Brogan recently. During the conversation I made some bold predictions, I wonder what you think of them.

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