I couldn’t be prouder of my MarketMotive conversion certification students. Two semesters ago, one of those volunteer sites, a mobile application provider, increased their conversion rate by over 100% based on the recommendations of one of my students and today I was thrilled to hear about one of our volunteer websites increasing conversion rates by over 50% in just one week.

I need more volunteer websites to work with my students.

In order to achieve their certification, my students must perform a certain number of successful improvements for a website. Some of these students work for very large companies, that don’t make it easy for them to test on, while others their own sites may be too small in traffic and conversions to finish the tests on time. So…

I am looking for a couple of volunteer websites that want to improve their conversion rate that will allow my students under my guidance to analyze their website and set up a few tests. If you have a website, either retail or lead generation, and you have a good amount of traffic and conversions but want more please contact me so we can see if we have a match.

Think of it as money falling from the sky :-)