Yes, you read it right. I have the opportunity to offer 2 or 3 websites the opportunity to increase your conversion rate. A couple of weeks ago, I started teaching a Certification course in Conversion Rate and Landing Page Optimization course. It has been going great as one of my students just sent me this note:

Thanks for teaching the course. It is simply fantastic. I have to admit that I was very skeptical when I first signed up but I couldn’t resist learning directly from you and Avinash so I signed up. 🙂 I have already taken away so much from this course – The lack of optimized pages (with persuasive architecture) brings a huge opportunity. There was a time when small to medium players could do really well on the web and then it seemed to have shifted with a huge amount of resources that the larger companies could ‘throw’ in the game. This again redistributes the power and I simply love that! What am I going to walk away with? I still don’t know – I do know I’ve hit a gold mine – it remains to be seen what I can do with it 🙂

In order to achieve their certification, my students must perform a certain number of successful improvements for a website. Some of these students work for very large companies, that don’t make it easy for them to test on, while others their own sites may be too small in traffic and conversions to finish the tests on time. So…

I am looking for a couple of volunteer websites that want to improve their conversion rate that will allow my students under my guidance to analyze their website and set up a few tests. If you have a website, either retail or lead generation, and you have a good amount of traffic and conversions but want more please contact me so we can see if we have a match.

Think of it as money falling from the sky 🙂

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Please share if you think others would benefit.