I’m sure you will find this shocking; occasionally I get  frustrated with the corporate decision making processes. A couple of months ago the CEO of an Internet Retailer Top 100 website asked me for my opinion about which testing and targeting tool his team should use. I told him what I recommended based on what knew from my experience with clients and anecdotally from colleagues.  When I spoke with him a few weeks later he told me that his team decided on a different tool. I made the mistake of asking why and he replied that it was because they got a great deal from another vendor and he really just had to let them make the decision. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a truly informed decision and they will have to live with it. There is a lot of noise in the conversion optimization space (where were all these experts a decade ago?). Not everyone has a valid opinion and the issues are not what people often think they are. All too often, I have seen the testing tools become  virtually shelf-ware because the team tried a handful  of tests and the effort and resources required didn’t produce the return for the investment to ramp up the effort, so it stays at a handful. If one out  of ten tests produce excellent results you must think in tens of tests not a handful.

I decided that what was needed was a buyer’s guide with real world know-how,on how to maximize testing efforts. So now there is in one document an analysis of the different vendors and their business models.  It even includes sample RFP questions. Download your copy of the Website Testing & Optimization Buyer’s Guide for the Enterprise and let me know what you think.