I just got back from speaking at the Bolo Conference and AZIMA event in Arizona. They were both well organized events, with very attentive audiences. At the Bolo conference I premiered my latest presentation, Trim the Fat: How to use Personas, Analytics and Human Psychology to Improve Marketing (more on that soon). The reception to the presentation was extremely positive. But I am not here to talk about myself, but to talk about one of the other keynote presentations at the Bolo Conference.

guy-kawasakiI had the privilege to interview Guy Kawasaki before his keynote presentation at Search Engine Strategies New York last March. You can listen to the interview on WebMasterRadio.FM. Guy’s presentation is a detailed hands-on illustration of how Guy uses Twitter. You can listen to a previous version of his presentation about how to use Twitter on WebMasterRadio. Guy splits no hairs, as he is aware that some people do not like his approach to marketing on Twitter. However, the audience loved his hands on approach as he walks them through using Twitter with this collection of links on how to demo Twitter he uses as his outline.

Have you heard Guy Kawasaki give this presentation (either live at a conference or the recording above)? Some people feel Guy Kawasaki is a Twitter spammer who uses bots and automation to drop urls all the time. What are your thoughts about how he uses Twitter? Would you use it the same way or just take out a few of his tactics and tools (which ones)?