This week marks the 15th anniversary of my good friend Dr. Ralph Wilson’s newsletter, Web Marketing Today. Dr. Wilson’s newsletter was among the first newsletters I subscribed to in the mid nineties that got me started on my path to understanding what was happening on the internet. To this day I still open and read almost every newsletter I get from

Dr. Wilson’s first business venture back in 1995 was designing and building websites for small and medium businesses, but he soon found that these entrepreneurs needed help to market their businesses online. At that time web marketing was unknown territory.

Web Marketing Today features practical, how-to articles written by subject experts with hands-on experience. The site contains more than 100 video interviews with expert speakers at major Internet marketing conferences. The content of the site focuses on what people are actually adopting online and how a small business can implement and profit from these ideas and tools. The goal is to give readers practical, how-to advice they can put into use immediately.

If you are not subscribed to it, I highly suggest you should. See what Ralph’s been doing for the past 15 years to accumulate more than 101,000 subscribers and such a loyal readership.