There are several things that prompted me to update the Buyer’s Guide to Testing & Optmization:

1. Since Google replaced Website Optimizer with Content Experiments, I had to comment on it.

2. I’ve decided to add a new tool to the introductory tools section. Which one did I choose? You’ll have to check.

3. I’ve added information about a few other enterprise solutions that weren’t included in the first edition.

I’m still very excited about Monetate as a leader in the Enterprise testing and Optimization tools. I don’t say that just because I am an advisor but I became an advisor because of all they have accomplished. In fact this past year they have released more than 80 new features including:

They are also opening up a certification program for consultants and agencies interested in using Monetate with their clients. Let me know if you want an introduction into the program. Also they have expanded their verticals beyond retailers and now work with travel, financial services and several B2B companies as well.

Download your revised Second Edition copy of the Website Testing & Optimization Buyer’s Guide for the Enterprise.

P.S. I am also working on a replacement book for Always Be Testing.



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