Data Job Growth from LinkedInLast week, I explained how 80% of PPC professionals will be replaced by an algorithm. However, deeper in to my article I also mentioned that “many of the “web analysts” who only function as data reporters without adding much business value” will also be replaced by technologies like NarrativeScience and Arria.

I first came across NarrativeScience’s technology while coaching my son, Sammy’s little league team. I used an app called to keep the box scores and stats for every game. At the end of the game, all of a sudden I noticed a “headline” and a link to recap story that led to a narrative of the box score.

game recap narrativescience in gamechanger

Watch the video below to get a better sense of this technology and you’ll see why I predict many analyst who are doing nothing more than sending out reports will be anxious to find ways to improve their skills. Here are some tips from my good friend Jim Sterne on how to become more indispensable as an analyst.

Then see how the big data application Automated Insights describes what marketers need to be told about their web analytics data and see if you agree with them.

What would be your top tips on how to become indispensable as an analyst and provide true business value?

Please share if you think others would benefit.