The Future Shopper: How Offline is the New Online
Nobody argues about if search, social, and mobile technologies impacted customers’ minds and buying behavior over the last five years. Today companies worry about keeping ahead of their competition; while the truly critical issue is keeping pace with their customers. Technological and social advances are forcing companies to embrace authenticity, improve customer experiences, or suffer the consequences . This session will show you how the convergence of communications, logistics and financial technology continue to evolve, as they always have, in order to reduce the friction in the customers’ buying process. You will understand  all the ways these technologies will change our professional and personal lives in the near future. If  your company isn’t prepared to handle this future, it could be after this session!

Watch this marketing keynote presentation- includes a few attendee testimonials (this is a 45 minute+ presentation, please give the video some time to load):

What trends do you see impacting the future shopper?

I hope you enjoy this version of the presentation delivered January 2011. This keynote presentation is updated regularly as we notice new trends or technology emerge. If you would like Bryan or Jeffrey to be a keynote speaker at your event, please contact us.

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