Error 403! Probably not what you want to see when you “actually” engaged with an ad , reviewed the landing page and were motivated enough to click on the call to action.

What went wrong and how to prevent it?

When we work with clients on the Buyer Legends process to plan their customer experience journey, we always start at the end. Let’s look at the reverse chronology of the Sudo.AI Instagram lead capture. We don’t have access to their Personas, but I am going to say they are on the right track by targeting me with their instagram ad.

As their website says:

Sudo helps you build and nurture your business relationships without ever doing data entry again.
  • Track every important relationship
  • Record all your interactions automatically
  • Never forget a follow up

If this speaks to you, you may be one of their target personas.

Reaching the Destination:

The Sudo app needs you to connect your email account to their application so that their artificial intelligence CRM engine can kick in. If this goes wrong like it did for me, you likely will never get to the end goal which is using the application and telling others about the benefits of it.

So how did it it fail, exactly?


As you can see from this landing page, the primary calls to action are to “Try with Google” or “Try with Microsoft.” The challenge with this, is that this landing page opened up inside the Instagram app on my phone. When you click on “Try with Google” inside the app it fails to work producing the error message we saw above.

I like how simple this landing page is. However, when we would look at the Pre-Mortem for this part of the reverse chronology, we would have recognized that this piece of the process could break the experience in this customer journey. At this point we would work with the team to suggest several other testable options. We can look at one I would suggest to the Sudo.AI team today.

But before we look at the landing page alternative, let us look at the catalyst, in this case the Instagram ad that persuaded me to click through and break my social browsing experience.



The ads promise is simple and works well. They could have added to the image that it works with Google and Microsoft email. However, it was good enough that I clicked learn more. I actually do this a lot. I want to see what some of our clients, and other companies are doing to increase their Instagram leads and sales.

How Combin uses Instagram to capture leads for their Desktop software.

Check out how Combin asks people to put in their email address to “Set a Reminder to not forget to download it later.” They understood that they could not continue their customer journey inside the Instagram app since people using it were not on their desktop/laptop.



So you put in your email address and they let you know to check your email when you are back on your desktop/laptop.

Moments later this email arrives promising you your free access.

Are you looking for Instagrammable conversions? Target your Personas with smart Instagram ads, then use the Buyer Legends process to plan the customer journey using a reverse chronology (start at the end) and plan for all the things that could go wrong (Pre-Mortem) and test as many fixes as you can.


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