I couldn’t be prouder of my MarketMotive conversion certification students. For example, I had one of my students do a fabulous job critiquing websites at SES New York during a conversion clinic session and many of my students have been doing amazing work increasing conversion rates on their own sites and on several of the sites that volunteered to have our students work with them. In fact, one of those volunteer sites, a mobile application provider, increased their conversion rate by over 100% based on the recommendations of one of my students.

Listen to What They Learned: Live!

After 12 weeks learning “at the knee” of some of the industry’s best and brightest, these Internet marketing students are set to graduate… if they can just earn their faculty’s endorsement.

Four times a year, Market Motive offers intimate, faculty-led web-based courses in Internet marketing from All-star faculty members teach the certification courses: Dave Szetela, Matt Bailey (Fundamentals), Jennifer Laycock (Social Media), John Marshall (Web Analytics), Avinash Kaushik (Web Analytics), Greg Jarboe/Jamie O’Donnell (Online PR and Video marketing), Bryan Eisenberg (Conversion Optimization), Michael Stebbins (Email Marketing) and nailing down PPC Advertising. This time around, final project defenses are open to the public.

Since January, the all-star faculty has been shepherding this semester’s class through the latest in cutting edge trends and tools for SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media and Conversion Optimization.

But receiving a Master Certification from Market Motive requires more from students than just watching streaming videos and passing online quizzes. It also requires hands-on projects that reflect the kind of work they’ll do in the real world.

Those final projects are presented to the faculty in live screen-sharing webinars by students studying SEOConversion Optimization, and Social Media. This semester the public is invited to listen in by webinar.

The event date/time is:
Thursday, April 15, 1-3 PDT.  Please mark your calendars now. You can register at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/308565107
What’s Next!
We are currently enrolling students for the next semester starting April 19th. We’ll also need more volunteer websites to get free conversion rate optimization consulting from our students. If you are interested in becoming a student or volunteering your website comment below or email me.