MarketMotive, which offers internet marketing courses online  is allowing each of the faculty to give away one scholarship to it’s certification courses valued at $3500 for the upcoming April 15th semester.  Certification courses include SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimization, Social Media, Online PR, Internet Marketing Fundamentals, and Web Analytics. Our faculty believe in giving back to the community, so in order to give something away as valuable as a certification, we believe someone else should benefit too.

And that is the small catch.

If you would like to win a scholarship to the topic of your choice, pick one charity web site of your choice and submit a [YOUR TOPIC] plan that helps improve the [social media, web presence, measurability or conversion etc.] for the charity. You can choose to publish it on your website and let us know about it, email to us, send it to us as smoke signals, etc.

I will publish the top 3 submissions to the conversion category and together with my readers we’ll pick the scholarship winner by April 5th. We’ll be giving away a second prize as well. Our other faculty members will pick the winners in their respective topics. At the end, the winner gets a certification, each submission would have helped a charity and I will gladly link to each submission published on a blog.

Have any questions? Just ask below.

Rules:  Submitting a plan means contestants agree that their plan may be be posted (with attribution) and/or sent to the charity.  Plans may be edited before being posted at blog owner’s discretion.  Winning plan (s)will be selected at the discretion of MarketMotive faculty chairs.

P.S. If you are planning to be at SES NY, make sure and come say hello to us there.

Please share if you think others would benefit.