The other day, I was reading an article on my iPad about a cool new gadget that allows your iPad to hang from your treadmill or exercise bike, a fit rail for the iPad. In the article, they had a link to the Scosche Fit Rail for the iPad on Amazon, so I clicked through. Cool enough, I added it to my wish list.

As soon as I added it, I wanted to share it with Jeffrey but I realized there was no easy way to send this item to him. I could click the back button twice to send him the article but what an opportunity for Amazon (in all that empty space) to offer an ability to share the item you added to your wish list to FaceBook, Twitter or even just to email it to someone to notify them.

Would you have expected some sort of share ability on this wish list confirmation page or have I gotten share happy?

Update: Did you know they have a great share widget on their order confirmation page?

Please share if you think others would benefit.