FaceBook Advertising – Might it Be Broken?

No question FaceBook advertising bears little resemblance to Search Advertising. ¬†However, we are starting to see some great success stories of companies success with FaceBook advertising. ¬†Nevertheless, FaceBook’s advertising model may be seriously flawed. If you ever accessed Facebook using one of their mobile applications; perhaps you noticed something missing. There are no ads. Most 30-40 year old women (one of the most coveted and powerful consumer groups) access their Facebook accounts usinge their mobile device. While I agree that…

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The Future of Publishing and Advertising

No one knows exactly when the first advertisement was published on a printing press. We do know: In 1609, a British newspaper published an ad for migration opportunities to America. For hundreds of years, ads and print went hand and hand. Then came the Internet. AT&T was the first to pay HotWired to display the first ever online ad; a 468 x 60 banner that came to life on October 25, 1994. Do you remember the days of explosive CPMs?…

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The Future Shopper

There is hardly anyone who would argue over the impact that search, social, and mobile technologies have had on the customer buying process over the last five years. However, while many companies worry about keeping ahead of their competition, they actually have a much bigger issue – keeping pace with their customers. Indulge me while I explore the changes we’ll see over the next five years. A Marketer’s Job Is Already Hard Enough Jeffrey, my partner and brother, and I…

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An Intervention for a PPC Addict

In my previous life, I was a social worker who helped mentally ill and chemically addicted adults on their road to recovery. I see many of the same symptoms of addictive behavior in too many pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers today. After all, there’s something terribly seductive about the simplicity of creating a PPC (define) ad; within moments your ad shows up and gets you clicks. As the high continues, you crave more, adding more keywords and new campaigns to keep increasing…

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Why I Won’t Buy From You!

Actually the answer is pretty simple. You haven’t given me sufficient reason to choose you over your competitors. Today’s customer has more choice, more knowledge, and even tabbed browsing to evaluate you and distinguish you from all of your competitors. In the few seconds they’ll invest in your website, if they can’t decide why you might be the solution to their want or need, they’ll close that tab faster than your Flash promotion can ever engage them. I just returned…

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The Secret Behind Successful PPC Advertising

When we audit clients’ PPC (define) accounts, we look at their work from two aspects: the technical and the creative. While a 95-character ad shouldn’t be so challenging, common flaws appear in almost every account. Let’s start out by examining the creative aspect. Creating the PPC Searcher’s Journey For visitors to convert, the five steps of the PPC searcher’s journey must be in alignment along the conversion path. I describe that five-part journey below. The model is simple, the execution…

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The Google AdWords Drama

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even kiss your money good bye. Google AdWords is one of the most remarkable advertising vehicles in the history of marketing. No matter how simple 95 characters seems to be, there is no denying the complexity of executing well. Of course, the fact that not all the rules or all the data are presented well doesn’t make it any easier. What amazes me is how most people don’t take full control over what they…

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How to Trim the Online Ad Budget

I hear one big question over and over again when I speak: where do I trim the fat from my online budget? If you aren’t being asked to do more with less, then just wait. You will. Online marketers that have well-monitored stews of traffic on their site are hesitant to do anything other than add to the traffic pot. The thought of shifting or slashing online budgets and risking traffic is surely keeping many marketers up way past their…

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