We asked a bunch of our industry expert friends: if a small to mid-sized retailer asked you for a couple of low resource, high impact & simple to execute, tips they could use before the holidays, what would you tell them to do? The tips had to be simple for them to act on with the minimal amount of resources since we are coming up on crunch time.

Some of the friends we asked include:

We sorted through almost 100 tips to find you 21 that would provide the most impact for the least amount of time and resources to execute and put them together for you as a 33 page ebook for just $10.00 US. You can purchase 21 Secrets: Last-Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday Sales using GumRoad right now:

21 Secrets Series: Last-Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday Sales

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    • Last year only 8% of brands used flash sales during the holidays. Flash sales are a quick to maintain door-busting momentum. Plan for a Flash sale – (a one or two hour period special sale) on Cyber Monday.
    • Last year 4% of brands had to send an apology email for one reason or another. Plan that a mistake might happen and have a flexible template on-hand for unexpected issues.
    • Last year 5% Christmas Eve email volume was clearance related. Plan your post Christmas clearance campaigns now. Get your email templates ready for this promotion.
        • Between Christmas and New Year’s:
          • 40% featured a percentage off promotion
          • 61% of those include an offer of 50% or more
          • 6% included 80% off or more

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21 Secrets Series: Last-Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday Sales

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