Conversion Optimization 101: Ad Continuity/Scent

netflix FB ad targeting spanish

It was Dr Ed Chi, a Xerox Palo Alto Researcher, as early as 2001, who indicated that humans track information in a similar fashion to the way animals follow a scent. According to an article on the study: People... engage in what [Dr. Ed Chi] calls "hub-and-spoke" surfing: They begin at the center, … [Read more...]

Conversion Rate 101: Effective Pricing Tables

Monetate mockup of Dell Checkout-graphic2

Last week, I asked you to look at the pricing tables from the website and to offer suggestions on how to improve them. There were some fabulous suggestions, let's take a look: Graham Charlton shared: A comparison table, as used by UK site Comet, would work better. Less busy and allows … [Read more...]

Conversion Optimization 101: Pricing Tables – Ecommerce

Dell Desktop Pricing Table - How would you optimize it?

On Twitter, I shared a link to this article from Smashing Magazine, Pricing Tables: Examples And Best Practices. When I shared it, I said that while many of these were beautiful there was still plenty of room for some conversion optimization. This won't be as tricky as my first Conversion … [Read more...]

Just Released: The Website Testing & Optimization – Buyer’s Guide for the Enterprise: Second Edition

Video thumbnail for youtube video Just Released: The Website Testing & Optimization - Buyer's Guide for the Enterprise: Second Edition - Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

There are several things that prompted me to update the Buyer's Guide to Testing & Optmization: 1. Since Google replaced Website Optimizer with Content Experiments, I had to comment on it. 2. I've decided to add a new tool to the introductory tools section. Which one did I choose? You'll … [Read more...]

Conversion Optimization 101: Culture Trumps Strategy and Tactics

Organizational Culture, Analysis And Development Concept from BigStockPhoto

Last week, I published my first  Conversion Optimization 101 post and asked you if you could look at a particular screenshot and also to tell me: What’s wrong with this picture? How would you fix it? Here is the image: There were some very good suggestions on what you would do to … [Read more...]