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Effective Selling From Your Non-E-Commerce Product Page

In my last column, I told you about seven must-test elements on your e-commerce product pages. I left you with less tangible products and services with a promise I’d follow up in this column. So, if you sell a product or service through untraditional e-commerce or software, or even software-as-a-service as your product, then how do you maximize the effectiveness of your product pages? There’s a lot to say, so let me get started. Video Marketing Is Hot Just like…

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Online Form Optimization: 3 Simple Form Problems to Fix

I’ve spent almost 15 years of my life helping companies to get their visitors to fill out and submit forms online. Forms to request information, to attend events, to sign up for a service, to complete an order, all sorts of forms. Web forms are a transaction. You need to look at them as an exchange of information and value in exchange for something of value you promise in your offer. When you don’t look at it as an exchange…

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Geo-Personalization: Your Opportunity

It was in the mid-1990s when I had my first taste of actionable web analytics. I was working for a telecommunications company that offered a Voice over IP solution (VoIP) and I was part of the team that tracked banner placements on websites like Excite, Yahoo, and AltaVista. I will never forget the cartoonish banner that consistently beat out every other banner ever produced. It was counterintuitive, but that alone isn’t what excited me. Here we were in the mid-90s…

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Courtesy: What Comes Before Customer-Centricity

Thank you! I’ve been writing this column for 11 years. Its name has changed over the years but my focus has not. It’s never been primarily about ROI or even about conversion rate optimization; instead it’s always been about customer-centricity. The bottom line has always been what I wrote in one of my first columns in 2001: to achieve your goals, customers must first achieve their goals. Over the years, my brother and business partner Jeffrey and I have tried…

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Would You Share Your Wishes?

The other day, I was reading an article on my iPad about a cool new gadget that allows your iPad to hang from your treadmill or exercise bike, a fit rail for the iPad. In the article, they had a link to the Scosche Fit Rail for the iPad on Amazon, so I clicked through. Cool enough, I added it to my wish list. As soon as I added it, I wanted to share it with Jeffrey but I realized…

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The CEO’s Accountability for Conversion Rates

Increasing sales conversion rates offers a greater ROI than what you can get from optimizing your traffic; either from paid or earned media. The math is simple – even if many never do the calculations. Companies with higher conversion rates almost always have better marketing efficiency ratios (net contribution/marketing expenses.) The upside is that these companies make more money and that’s a good thing. The downside is that it’s hard work to accomplish better marketing efficiency ratios. These companies are…

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Does Apple Need a Reminder About Reminders?

My iOS5 update is complete. Reminders could become my favorite app. I bet I’m not alone. Who doesn’t need a location aware reminder? So what’s up Apple? As far as I can tell I can only see the reminders in iCal, while I’m on my Mac, but I can’t create or edit reminders. Bryan and I are avid students of the Apple’s UX magic. We know Apple thinks that often customers can’t tell you what they want until they see…

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Think Differently – 10 lessons learned from Steve Jobs & Apple

There was a surprise last minute addition to the agenda at my last presentation.  I keynoted in Oslo for the SEM Konferansen on September 22nd and then was offered an opportunity to present something brand new (lucky I was working on something brand new) to a small group on the last day of the conference. Not many people were able to attend, but  it was videotaped. The presentation you can watch was originally intended to be part of a 90 minute…

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