How to Go From Suck to Unsuck

Your website sucks! Your mobile experience sucks! Your competitor's website and mobile experience suck too! Guess what? My site sucks too! As is often the case when I speak, I tell the audience that their website is like a leaky old bucket with traffic falling out the holes. I let them know we … [Read more...]

Think Differently – 10 lessons learned from Steve Jobs & Apple

There was a surprise last minute addition to the agenda at my last presentation.  I keynoted in Oslo for the SEM Konferansen on September 22nd and then was offered an opportunity to present something brand new (lucky I was working on something brand new) to a small group on the last day of the … [Read more...]

We Convert Or Else: Are We Still Struggling to Be Creative?

During March's Conversion Conference final keynote "Confessions of a Conversion Rate Optimizer" I shared this 7 minute video from advertising legend David Oglivy of a impassioned speech "We Sell or Else" he gave to a group of direct marketers in the 1960s. He was a huge student of Claude Hopkins … [Read more...]

Privacy or Convenience: Who Wins?

"We keep giving up privacy for the sake of convenience," was a buzz-worthy quote from my Future Shopper keynote presentation at Gulltaggen 2011 in Oslo last week. Some were uncomfortable about approaching a "Minority Report"-like state where ads are contextually-targeted advertising based on … [Read more...]

Marketing Keynote: The Future Shopper

The Future Shopper: How Offline is the New Online Nobody argues about if search, social, and mobile technologies impacted customers’ minds and buying behavior over the last five years. Today companies worry about keeping ahead of their competition; while the truly critical issue is keeping pace … [Read more...]