Where do companies and entire industries go to die?


Listen to Bryan explain how businesses that can’t seem to get into the mindset of their customers are failing and what you can do to avoid that pitfall.  Mitch Joel from Six Pixels of Separation interviews Bryan Eisenberg about the Buyer Legends process.  The podcast is 47 minutes long. … [Read more...]

Does Apple Need a Reminder About Reminders?


My iOS5 update is complete. Reminders could become my favorite app. I bet I'm not alone. Who doesn't need a location aware reminder? So what's up Apple? As far as I can tell I can only see the reminders in iCal, while I'm on my Mac, but I can't create or edit reminders. Bryan and I are avid … [Read more...]

Shouldn’t Analysts be Able to Explain the Narrative?


Below is an interview with a Danish reporter asking me for some thoughts about e-commerce. Don't worry, once you get past the Danish the interview is in English.  By the way, I'll be presenting the keynote at the  Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association (FDIH) later this month, so if you … [Read more...]

Optimization Thursday is coming to Dallas 9/8/11

Optimization Thursday is a fun, educational, inspirational event and a must for all people interested in optimizing digital experiences. It's educational networking in a format that provides a monthly forum for people to talk, to debate and to discuss various conversion optimization challenges over … [Read more...]

Google, User Experience & Thinking Beyond Conversion


Google is a money making machine; that is why it has tremendous influence in the online ecology. Google has a lot to teach the world about relevance, credibility, value & user experience. However, Google isn’t a training company; it derives more than 90% of its revenues from advertising. It’s … [Read more...]