Technology should support your goals, NOT slow you down!

Tech should allow you to run not just walk.

While the one constant in business is change, the one variable that has greatly accelerated—due to mobile and social—is the velocity of change. This is why we now hear so much about the importance of real-time marketing, agile marketing, or the need for a fast corporate metabolism. The point of good … [Read more...]

Confessions of an Online Marketing Tool Junkie


It's fun to play with the latest shiny new object and marketing tools, but remember marketing success rarely happens because of the tool. Success happens because of what the people and process you have in place do with the tool. Invest in your people, please. … [Read more...]

Just Released: The Website Testing & Optimization – Buyer’s Guide for the Enterprise: Second Edition

Video thumbnail for youtube video Just Released: The Website Testing & Optimization - Buyer's Guide for the Enterprise: Second Edition - Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

There are several things that prompted me to update the Buyer's Guide to Testing & Optmization: 1. Since Google replaced Website Optimizer with Content Experiments, I had to comment on it. 2. I've decided to add a new tool to the introductory tools section. Which one did I choose? You'll … [Read more...]

5 Common IT Objections to Marketing Projects


My last column dealt with the all-too-familiar marketing/IT tug-of-war, where I explained that the role the CTO/CIO plays is one of risk management; given things like scope creep, etc., the CTO has to promise the least she thinks you will accept in the most amount of time that you can stand. CTOs as … [Read more...]

The Marketing/IT Tug-of-War

Tug of War

Last week we were visited by our client Randy Albert, a change management expert from Level Up System who focuses on helping companies that are no longer in survival mode, not yet in prosperity mode, and still have untapped growth potential. Over lunch he was recalling the story of a former client … [Read more...]