How to Catch Up to and Compete With [Video]

This week I conclude this series of columns about big data and what it means for marketers with a seven-minute video. I promised at the end of “E-Commerce Moneyball” that I would show you the tools that Amazon developed internally and leveraged to become the dominant e-commerce market leader. In the video I deconstruct’s category (landing page) and product pages to identify the features that online retailers can duplicate with some of the big data tools that have come…

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The Must Have Big Data Tools

In the column, “Claiming your Unfair Advantage, I describe four types of “Big Data” tools. Before I elaborate on these tools, I want to share a lesson from my friend Mark Huffman of P&G. When Mark joined the world’s largest advertiser in 1984, it was all about data analysis. “In God we trust,” one P&G marketer told him, “all others bring data!” Today, Mark is executive production manager at Procter & Gamble and is responsible for all integrated marketing. At…

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Webinar: Best Practices for Effective Website Testing & Optimization

Join Carlos Del Rio, Director of Conversion Analysis & Digital Strategy at Unbounce, and Monetate’s Adam Figueira and I, who will present case studies from the different tools that I reviewed in my Website Testing & Optimization Buyer’s Guide for the Enterprise and help explain the difference between self-service and full-service website testing and optimization. Register today to learn the best practices for effective website testing & optimization.

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Website Testing & Targeting RFP: Questions To Ask Vendors

If you’re in the market for a website testing and optimization tool, hopefully you’re not among the unfortunate few whose corporate rules and regulations (or BPUs – business prevention units) require the creation of a Request for Proposal (RFP). But even if you are, your frustration should be directed more toward the lack of insights that RFPs often lead to and less at the process itself. As I’ve written in my Website Testing & Optimization Buyer’s Guide, most vendor RFPs…

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Free! – The Website Testing & Optimization Buyer’s Guide for the Enterprise

I’m sure you will find this shocking; occasionally I get  frustrated with the corporate decision making processes. A couple of months ago the CEO of an Internet Retailer Top 100 website asked me for my opinion about which testing and targeting tool his team should use. I told him what I recommended based on what knew from my experience with clients and anecdotally from colleagues.  When I spoke with him a few weeks later he told me that his team…

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ROTS: Return on Time Spent

Marketer’s are always losing battles to time. Time is all you need to get everything done and to be most effective marketer possible. Marketing operations are more complex than ever before and the demands on our resources are constantly increasing. We need to identify solutions that help us get the most bang for the buck; because we aren’t about to get 25 hour days any time soon. Marketer’s who were lazy and had poor corporate metabolisms were the ones most…

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Does Apple Need a Reminder About Reminders?

My iOS5 update is complete. Reminders could become my favorite app. I bet I’m not alone. Who doesn’t need a location aware reminder? So what’s up Apple? As far as I can tell I can only see the reminders in iCal, while I’m on my Mac, but I can’t create or edit reminders. Bryan and I are avid students of the Apple’s UX magic. We know Apple thinks that often customers can’t tell you what they want until they see…

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