Geo-Personalization: Your Opportunity

It was in the mid-1990s when I had my first taste of actionable web analytics. I was working for a telecommunications company that offered a Voice over IP solution (VoIP) and I was part of the team that tracked banner placements on websites like … [Continue reading]

Who Contributed the Most to Google’s Earnings in 2011?

© WordStream, a Pay Per Click and SEM software tools vendor. … [Continue reading]

Courtesy: What Comes Before Customer-Centricity

Thank you! I've been writing this column for 11 years. Its name has changed over the years but my focus has not. It's never been primarily about ROI or even about conversion rate optimization; instead it's always been about customer-centricity. … [Continue reading]

How to Go From Suck to Unsuck

Your website sucks! Your mobile experience sucks! Your competitor's website and mobile experience suck too! Guess what? My site sucks too! As is often the case when I speak, I tell the audience that their website is like a leaky old bucket with … [Continue reading]

Would You Share Your Wishes?

The other day, I was reading an article on my iPad about a cool new gadget that allows your iPad to hang from your treadmill or exercise bike, a fit rail for the iPad. In the article, they had a link to the Scosche Fit Rail for the iPad on Amazon, so … [Continue reading]