Can You Optimize This? A Mobile Landing Page

My cable contract just ended, so I have been thinking about how little actual cable TV my family watches. I was wondering if we could do with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. I had some time waiting to pickup my kids from school, so while I was parked in the car, I decided I would do a bit of research on Hulu. Every way I navigated (direct url, click in search engine results) to the mobile website from my…

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Geo-Personalization: Your Opportunity

It was in the mid-1990s when I had my first taste of actionable web analytics. I was working for a telecommunications company that offered a Voice over IP solution (VoIP) and I was part of the team that tracked banner placements on websites like Excite, Yahoo, and AltaVista. I will never forget the cartoonish banner that consistently beat out every other banner ever produced. It was counterintuitive, but that alone isn’t what excited me. Here we were in the mid-90s…

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Does Apple Need a Reminder About Reminders?

My iOS5 update is complete. Reminders could become my favorite app. I bet I’m not alone. Who doesn’t need a location aware reminder? So what’s up Apple? As far as I can tell I can only see the reminders in iCal, while I’m on my Mac, but I can’t create or edit reminders. Bryan and I are avid students of the Apple’s UX magic. We know Apple thinks that often customers can’t tell you what they want until they see…

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How Your Website Loses 7% of Potential Conversions

Download speed matters. And it is time to get serious about it. A one-second delay could result in 7 percent fewer conversions, 11 percent fewer page views, or even a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction. Over the last 15 years, I’ve told that to clients and it’s been confirmed by third-party research. So if speed affects business results, then why would you add a second to a page’s load time? The Google +1 button and the Facebook Like button…

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W2M: Website to Mobile – A Multi-Channel Retail Opportunity

I was recently discussing online retail with a colleague  and the challenge online retailers face in proving their value to their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. It made me wonder why no ecommerce platform (that I know of) has added the ability to send a shopping cart to someone’s mobile phone. Imagine you are on the Nordstrom website and you are looking at a number of outfits but you don’t want to commit to purchasing them until you can touch and feel them or…

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The Consumer Is Boss: A 10-Year Perspective

On October 15, 2000, A.G. Lafley, president and CEO of Procter & Gamble Co., delivered a prophetic speech entitled “The Consumer is Boss!” to the Association of National Advertisers. In his presentation he emphasized three main points: “We’re moving away from the current mass marketing model, away from push and toward pull. Consumers will only become more demanding. They want to have a conversation, to dialogue, to participate, to be more in control.” These points may seem obvious to marketers…

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FaceBook Advertising – Might it Be Broken?

No question FaceBook advertising bears little resemblance to Search Advertising.  However, we are starting to see some great success stories of companies success with FaceBook advertising.  Nevertheless, FaceBook’s advertising model may be seriously flawed. If you ever accessed Facebook using one of their mobile applications; perhaps you noticed something missing. There are no ads. Most 30-40 year old women (one of the most coveted and powerful consumer groups) access their Facebook accounts usinge their mobile device. While I agree that…

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The Future Shopper

There is hardly anyone who would argue over the impact that search, social, and mobile technologies have had on the customer buying process over the last five years. However, while many companies worry about keeping ahead of their competition, they actually have a much bigger issue – keeping pace with their customers. Indulge me while I explore the changes we’ll see over the next five years. A Marketer’s Job Is Already Hard Enough Jeffrey, my partner and brother, and I…

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