Play the Online Marketing Game Like “Charlie Hustle”

With Major League Baseball’s spring training under full force, it inspires me to look at how we approach our “online marketing game.” We can learn a lot about winning “conversions” from how the game is played. Most baseball people will tell you that you can win the game with the “long” ball or with the “short” game. When you convert a visitor to a sale or to a lead, hopefully you have scored a run your competitor won’t. Pete Rose…

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Does Your Search Strategy Depend On Customers’ Memory?

Men dread these moments: my wife’s errand was to go to the drugstore and pick up…diapers. My little guy was on his last one. I was ready to get him his Pampers when I was stymied by the store selection. The sale was nearly lost! As I stood looking at the row of diapers, all I could see was Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. My mission was to return with Pampers Baby Dry. No husband ever wants to return with…

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3 Steps to Better Prioritization and Faster Execution

Many organizations are challenged by their customers’ increasing velocity of change. They suffer from anemic corporate metabolism. My hope for the new year is that businesses resolve to improve their rate of change and adaptation. Corporate metabolism is the term I use to describe the speed at which organizations can make decisions, adapt, and evolve. While things progress faster than ever before, corporations still struggle to empower themselves to change. This week, let’s consider a simple system to enable your organization…

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The Future Shopper

There is hardly anyone who would argue over the impact that search, social, and mobile technologies have had on the customer buying process over the last five years. However, while many companies worry about keeping ahead of their competition, they actually have a much bigger issue – keeping pace with their customers. Indulge me while I explore the changes we’ll see over the next five years. A Marketer’s Job Is Already Hard Enough Jeffrey, my partner and brother, and I…

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Is Your Corporate Metabolism Killing You?

I read the news and it makes me sad for businesses today. It’s no news that we are in the midst of one of the worst economic crises ever, while working our way through one of the greatest periods of change ever. These two things are not unrelated. We are undergoing a revolution in commerce, logistics, and communications as disruptive as the Industrial Revolution. Some gurus will self-assuredly tell you it is the “social media revolution.” That’s just one strong…

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The ‘Remarkable’ Challenge in a World of Mouth Economy

Remarkable –adjective – Worthy of being or likely to be noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary. “You want great marketing but nobody can be creative enough to compensate for the problem you have. The product you have been offering for the past 10 years just isn’t that remarkable, in fact, very few people truly even care if it exists.” When I told this to the new CEO of a company I advised on a call this past week, I…

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You Can’t Fake Social

Advertising guru, Roy Williams likes to say “Advertising only accelerates the inevitable” today I would add that “Social media only accelerates the inevitable.” The point is simple, if you have a good business, with strong values, a great product/service, that takes good care of employees and customers, advertising will help amplify your great story and your results. If you have a lousy product, treat customers and employees without respect, with advertising you’ll soon be out of business (although some airlines and banks…

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