Six Steps to Linkbaiting Strategy Nirvana

In my last column, I shared with you my efforts on how I set out to reclaim my personal brand and start ranking on Google for my name, with my new Web site, “” One strategy was to plan a “link bait” post, 69 Free (or Low cost) Tools to Improve Your Website, to create a blip on Google’s link graph of my Web site. Let me explain. Planning Your Link Bait Strategy Unfortunately, the term linkbaiting has some negative…

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Strategy Challenges for Effective Online Marketers, Part 2

In my last column I covered the first three of seven online marketing challenges. Marketers often find they need to: Reach more people. Reach better people. Have more resources. Improve testing and usability. Redesign. Obtain better metrics. Improve conversion rates. Let’s consider the latter four challenges: 4. “We need better testing and usability.” Evaluate how easy it is to buy from you. Determine if your visitors quickly can find what they’re looking for. Check out the ease of your check…

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Strategy Challenges for Effective Online Marketers, Part 1

Marketers like to ask: How do I increase my sales? How do I get more leads? How do I drive more traffic to my site? How do I achieve better search engine rankings? How do I keep customers from abandoning their shopping carts? How do I use the data I get from my analytics software? How do I move to the next level? These are important questions. Over the last decade we’ve challenged hundreds of clients to reframe their questions.…

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