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The CMO’s Marketing Analytics Optimization Framework

In my last column, I shared recent research about how CEOs have lost trust in CMOs’ ability to be focused on business performance. Hopefully, when asked how your company currently measures its digital initiatives you don’t get an answer like this (LOL, well done Adobe): Seriously, the issue is that most analytics frameworks don’t tie all essential marketing metrics back to financial statements. We have been preaching about how this needs to be done since 2001. I suspect, that I…

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Facebook’s Desperate Attempt to Prove Its Value (Test it Yourself)

Last week Adobe and IBM both came out with studies about how little impact Facebook had on referrals to sales on Black Friday’s online shoppers. Facebook then countered with their own evidence showing how they impacted traffic for retailers. Yes, there is surely an attribution modeling issue at hand here. But that is not the end of the discussion. Facebook has been working on a new conversion tracking program that will allow advertisers to track view-though conversions. View-through conversion rate is…

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Big Data Does Not Mean Big Amounts of People

In my last few articles, I have been sharing some of the most interesting Big Data Marketing tools that focus in on marketing automation or adaptive learning & optimization platforms. The main reason is because I have seen how this movie plays out before in the CRM and Web Analytics space. There are hardly enough people out there that deserve the data of data analyst let alone the data scientists that Mckinsey is predicting the need for 150,000 or so…

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Claiming Your Unfair Advantage

In my recent column, “E-Commerce Moneyball: Chasing the Market Leader,” I briefly discussed how Amazon built tools for its own use that leverage the big data available to it. Let’s explore the types of tools that are available for you to leverage big data today. There are many reasons one can point to as to why Amazon.com has become such a dominant e-commerce player. Here are a few to highlight: It leveraged social commerce and the voice of the customer…

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Optimization Thursday is coming to Dallas 9/8/11

Optimization Thursday is a fun, educational, inspirational event and a must for all people interested in optimizing digital experiences. It’s educational networking in a format that provides a monthly forum for people to talk, to debate and to discuss various conversion optimization challenges over beverages and appetizers while networking with other professionals interested in online marketing and optimization. For this first ever Optimization Thursday, Abhi Jadhav of Travelocity and Jeffrey Eisenberg of Eisenberg Brothers & Associates will briefly discuss their…

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Data Rich, Optimization Poor

Building an optimization culture is hard and it seems that it might be getting harder. My friend Avinash Kaushik, the analytics evangelist at Google, recently shared an important stat and his observation on Google+: Only 22% of companies have a strategy that ties data collection and analysis to business objectives. Down from 25% last year. [Source: Econsultancy Online Measurement & Strategy report http://goo.gl/OGscu] The problem is not the tool. The problem is you and me and our management. Think of it…

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W2M: Website to Mobile – A Multi-Channel Retail Opportunity

I was recently discussing online retail with a colleague  and the challenge online retailers face in proving their value to their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. It made me wonder why no ecommerce platform (that I know of) has added the ability to send a shopping cart to someone’s mobile phone. Imagine you are on the Nordstrom website and you are looking at a number of outfits but you don’t want to commit to purchasing them until you can touch and feel them or…

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Testing – What’s the Big Idea?

Is yours the typical company launching 2-5 tests a month, struggling to eke out more from your marketing optimization program, and wasting critical marketing resources of your team and website traffic? That’s the result of not focusing in on the Big Idea! How much should you be testing? A mid-size company can easily handle 30-50 tests a month. The reason most companies never get there is because they waste so many cycles on what I call “slice & dice” optimization…

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