Leadership in the Age of Agility & Experimentation

Here’s the punchline; The role of today’s leadership is to “remove the speed bumps in the experimenters’ way!” ~ Scott Cook, co-founder and Chairman of Intuit Nobody worth arguing with argues whether search, social, and mobile technologies have impacted customers’ minds and changed buying behavior … [Read more...]

Technology should support your goals, NOT slow you down!

While the one constant in business is change, the one variable that has greatly accelerated—due to mobile and social—is the velocity of change. This is why we now hear so much about the importance of real-time marketing, agile marketing, or the need for a fast corporate metabolism. The point of good … [Read more...]

21 Secrets of Top Converting B2B Websites

Enjoy this presentation by Jeffrey Eisenberg which was presented at Dreamforce 2011 in San Francisco: … [Read more...]

Conversion Industry Wins, Conferences, Catching Up and All That Jazz

Conversion and testing are what Jeffrey and I have predicted would be sexy since 1998. Luckily, even a broken clock is right two times a day and the recent news around companies we're invested in: BoostCTR.com, Tagman.com and Monetate.com may finally prove us right (see below). We're also encouraged … [Read more...]

#1 Secret of 21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites

Want to know the first secret I share from my 21 Secrets to Top Converting Websites presentation? It's so simple, so obvious, but yet so many people forget to use it. Do you? Watch the video: Want to know the rest of the 21 Secrets? You can find them out on August 17th in San Francisco as … [Read more...]