SEM Konferansen 2009

I am back from Norway after having presented at the SEM Konfersansen 2009 to a great group of Search Marketers. I think they received the core of my message which was that most of them don’t have a traffic problem but a conversion problem. Organized by the IMNA/ IAB Norway this show brought together some fabulous speakers from around the globe. Ola Hanø (a fabulous host) reached out to the likes of Rand Fishkin (accompanied by his lovely wife Geraldine),…

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How to Trim the Online Ad Budget

I hear one big question over and over again when I speak: where do I trim the fat from my online budget? If you aren’t being asked to do more with less, then just wait. You will. Online marketers that have well-monitored stews of traffic on their site are hesitant to do anything other than add to the traffic pot. The thought of shifting or slashing online budgets and risking traffic is surely keeping many marketers up way past their…

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TheGrok’s Not to Miss Links for the Week of 9/22/09

On October 8th, I will be keynoting Econsultancy’s inaugural Peer Summit in New York. In order that Econsultancy readers could get to know the speakers better I was interviewed by Rebecca Lieb, who oversees Econsultancy’s North American operations. I also had the pleasure to post my first guest blog on the Econsultancy blog – Omniture’s acquisition by Adobe has people saying “Huh?” I’d love to hear your opinion about the acquisition as well. I also covered OMMA’s Global 2009 Keynote:…

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Free Pre-Recorded Webinar: Recession Marketing: Pre-Click to Post-Click

If you couldn’t join us last Wednesday, you can join us with this recorded version of Recession Marketing: Pre-Click to Post-Click. Join Craig Danuloff, from ClickEquations and David Brussin from Monetate as we explore using personas to create better pay per click or paid search ads and a better persona-lized experience all the way to conversion.

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Social Media Policies For Your Business

How are you handling social media at your business? Chris Boudreaux from the Social Media Governance blog has a collection on 80+ companies social media policies and growing. There are an additional 30+ social media policies here, including an interesting one from Kodak (PDF) and a link to an Edelman report on how President Obama used social media for his campaign (PDF). Key points you want covered in a social media policy: Clearly define the extent and definition of what…

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When Web Analytics Lie

What happens if your onsite web analytics look good, but you still aren’t drawing conversions? Mike McDonald, of WebProNews caught up with me after one of my site clinics at Search Engine Strategies for an interview on Creating a Self-Service Sales Cycle. After looking at the analytics, I saw that not a single page had a bounce rate over 20 percent and no page had an exit rate bigger than 30 percent. However, the conversion rate was under 1 percent.…

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