What Your Form Design Reveals About You

There is no question that improving the forms on your website can improve your conversion rate. In fact, Gavin Doolan, of the Google analytics team, did a wonderful job explaining the basics concepts needed to improve form conversion rates. However, what do the forms that exist in the “wild” tell your visitors about you? Does it say you care about your visitor? Your sales team? Your legal department? No one? This past week one of my MarketMotive conversion optimization students…

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The Ultimate Conversion Optimization Reading List

If 2010 is the year of conversion rate optimization, then people are going to have to move beyond today’s simplistic tactical application (pushed mainly by tool vendors anxious to sell technology fixes) of basic landing page optimization and testing, to the strategic worldview that conversion optimization should play in an organization. Good conversion optimization should focus on uncovering and understanding your target market’s needs, your content strategy, and on delivering your brand promise and a remarkable customer experience. Great conversions come…

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Free Conversion Rate Consulting

Yes, you read it right. I have the opportunity to offer 2 or 3 websites the opportunity to increase your conversion rate. A couple of weeks ago, I started teaching a Certification course in Conversion Rate and Landing Page Optimization course. It has been going great as one of my students just sent me this note: Thanks for teaching the course. It is simply fantastic. I have to admit that I was very skeptical when I first signed up but I couldn’t…

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Is 2010 the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization?

This is not very digital, but even a stopped clock is correct two times a day. My first ClickZ column, “Marketing is NOT Sales” was written exactly nine years ago today I wrote this column. Soon after the dot-com crash, I wrote: “For all that’s being written about various marketing strategies, success in e-business, as in any business, isn’t about marketing or about design; it’s about sales… Ultimately, it’s about the conversion rate: the percentage of visitors your site can…

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You Can’t Fake Social

Advertising guru, Roy Williams likes to say “Advertising only accelerates the inevitable” today I would add that “Social media only accelerates the inevitable.” The point is simple, if you have a good business, with strong values, a great product/service, that takes good care of employees and customers, advertising will help amplify your great story and your results. If you have a lousy product, treat customers and employees without respect, with advertising you’ll soon be out of business (although some airlines and banks…

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21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites – The Webinar 1/7/10 12pm EST

Can you spare an hour this week for what took me the past decade to put together? This Thursday, January 7, 12pm EST, courtesy of my friends at MarketMotive, you can join me for this free workshop on the 21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites. The average conversion rate for a website is around 3%, but many websites convert at 10% or higher. What do they do that you may not be doing? Bryan Eisenberg, who has been helping companies…

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2009: What “Change” Will Do For You

What was the winning combination of media and message for Barack Obama’s ’08 campaign e-mail sign up page? For this exercise, first pick your choices of media and messages from the examples laid out in my last column, “Obama’s ’08 Campaign: Using Data to Win” and then come back here to find out the results. It’s ok. I’ll wait. Dan Siroker, former deputy new media director, Obama Presidential Transition and founder of CarrotSticks and Spreadly, did a fabulous job in…

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What Marketing Skills Will Be Needed in 2010 and Beyond?

At several conferences that last few months and in several emails, there is one question that keeps popping up, what is the critical skill for marketers to have today. Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist recently said that the “…sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians…The ability to take data—to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it.” I agree with Mr. Varian completely. However, I’d like…

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