2009: What “Change” Will Do For You

What was the winning combination of media and message for Barack Obama’s ’08 campaign e-mail sign up page? For this exercise, first pick your choices of media and messages from the examples laid out in my last column, “Obama’s ’08 Campaign: Using Data to Win” and then come back here to find out the results. It’s ok. I’ll wait. Dan Siroker, former deputy new media director, Obama Presidential Transition and founder of CarrotSticks and Spreadly, did a fabulous job in…

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What Marketing Skills Will Be Needed in 2010 and Beyond?

At several conferences that last few months and in several emails, there is one question that keeps popping up, what is the critical skill for marketers to have today. Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist recently said that the “…sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians…The ability to take data—to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it.” I agree with Mr. Varian completely. However, I’d like…

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Obama’s ’08 Campaign: Using Data to Win

Next week I’ll be traveling to Chicago to join hundreds of fellow marketers at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, where I’ll be doing a couple of sessions. There are many new and interesting sessions. I’m looking forward to attending the keynote by Dan Siroker, who led the analytics team for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and is a former Google employee as well. The title of his presentation is, “How We Used Data to Win the Presidential Election.” I’ve read about it,…

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8 Characters That Could Make Millions

Yesterday, my aunt Arlene called me in a panic. She had an appointment to run to and an online shopping cart full of gifts for her grand-children and great nieces and nephews and couldn’t figure out how to ship them to their multiple addresses. does a pretty good job at letting you put multiple addresses in your address book but when it came time to selecting which products go to which addresses a simple 8 characters could have made…

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Poor PPC Management from PPC Management Vendor Marin. Oooops!

Pay Per Click management can be a challenge when you have lots of keywords, ads and landing pages you are working with. So many companies choose to use PPC Management software like Marin, Kenshoo or ClickEquations*. Today I did a Google search for SES Chicago that is coming up next week and I will be attending. I saw a PPC ad that I though was a brilliant idea. It gets an A for strategy, but an F on execution. Which…

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The Grok’s Not to Miss Links for the Week of November 25, 2009

Learn how an innovative retailer used Google Voice to increase their re-orders in this guest post on the Econsultancy blog. Want to know how to avoid the 8 Second Black Friday trap? Find out my advice on this guest post on the Microsoft Adcenter Community blog. My good buddy Avinash does a fabulous job on this post explaining Social Media Analytics: Twitter: Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics. Are you using Google Analytics but would also love the benefit that log file…

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Six Steps to Linkbaiting Strategy Nirvana

In my last column, I shared with you my efforts on how I set out to reclaim my personal brand and start ranking on Google for my name, with my new Web site, “” One strategy was to plan a “link bait” post, 69 Free (or Low cost) Tools to Improve Your Website, to create a blip on Google’s link graph of my Web site. Let me explain. Planning Your Link Bait Strategy Unfortunately, the term linkbaiting has some negative…

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21 Tools to Legally Spy On Your Competition

Have you ever wished you knew everything your competitors where up to? Well online it isn’t that hard. 1. SpyFu – Want to know what keywords your competitors are targeting in the search engines? Use this tool to download the list of keywords and adwords they are using. Don’t forget to visit their SpyFu Universty. 2. The Search Monitor – They have several tools including another great search engine competitive intelligence tool. The Search Monitor Track market share, page rank,…

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