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Conversion Optimization 101: Could You Help?

Yesterday, I went to a website to make a donation for a friend who is running in the NYC Marathon. As I was finishing entering all my information and was on my last step I saw the following call to action: What’s wrong with this picture? How would you fix it? P.S. Extra credit if you can get this non-profit site (I won’t tell you who it is) to fix it since it must be costing them in money raised…

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The Must Have Big Data Tools

In the column, “Claiming your Unfair Advantage, I describe four types of “Big Data” tools. Before I elaborate on these tools, I want to share a lesson from my friend Mark Huffman of P&G. When Mark joined the world’s largest advertiser in 1984, it was all about data analysis. “In God we trust,” one P&G marketer told him, “all others bring data!” Today, Mark is executive production manager at Procter & Gamble and is responsible for all integrated marketing. At…

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Designing Effective Pricing Tables

There are way too many companies that have set up pricing tables with “packages” for their products without a solid understanding of the psychology behind package design. One of the first e-commerce companies to do this well was Dell. Nevertheless, while often imitated, many companies that offer software or services and offer it in different packages are simply playing monkey see, monkey do. Dan Ariely explains in his excellent book “Predictably Irrational” that, “Humans rarely choose things in absolute terms.…

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The Product Page 2012: 7 Must-Test Elements

All retailers have product pages. Some product pages are good in that they help you sell. Some product pages are neutral in that they don’t detract from making a sale. Some product pages – well, they hurt your sales. Is your product page earning it’s keep? Is it attracting and engaging qualified buyers? Does it have a profitable look-to-book ratio? Product pages must work harder than ever before, since visitors are demanding more from your product pages than they ever…

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Online Form Optimization: 3 Simple Form Problems to Fix

I’ve spent almost 15 years of my life helping companies to get their visitors to fill out and submit forms online. Forms to request information, to attend events, to sign up for a service, to complete an order, all sorts of forms. Web forms are a transaction. You need to look at them as an exchange of information and value in exchange for something of value you promise in your offer. When you don’t look at it as an exchange…

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Shouldn’t Analysts be Able to Explain the Narrative?

Below is an interview with a Danish reporter asking me for some thoughts about e-commerce. Don’t worry, once you get past the Danish the interview is in English.  By the way, I’ll be presenting the keynote at the  Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association (FDIH) later this month, so if you attend please come over and say hello. Q: What is the most typical failure concerning webshops in general? A: Too many companies put all their resources into the launch.…

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Conversions: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

I just presented the keynote at the European Conversion Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. It was the best attended conversion-oriented conference I’ve attended to date. In a discussion with the conference organizer, André Morys, about the number and backgrounds of the people attending, André apologized that Germany was at least two years behind the United States. Baloney! I told him I couldn’t agree and that I was very impressed with the number and quality of people in attendance. Nevertheless, I told…

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Optimization Thursday is coming to Dallas 9/8/11

Optimization Thursday is a fun, educational, inspirational event and a must for all people interested in optimizing digital experiences. It’s educational networking in a format that provides a monthly forum for people to talk, to debate and to discuss various conversion optimization challenges over beverages and appetizers while networking with other professionals interested in online marketing and optimization. For this first ever Optimization Thursday, Abhi Jadhav of Travelocity and Jeffrey Eisenberg of Eisenberg Brothers & Associates will briefly discuss their…

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