Want More Actions? Leverage the Point of Action

Two weeks of West Coast jet lag while keynoting three conferences means a lot of parties. At a reception, a guy named Peter told me that he read my book “Call to Action” a few years ago and that he used it as the basis to redo his company’s shopping cart. Peter more than doubled conversions based on the advice we gave him. However, he said he had an unbelievable battle to explain and use an obvious technique: leveraging his…

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Free Conversion Rate Consulting 2

In January, I was able to offer a couple of websites free conversion optimization consulting from my MarketMotive certification students. Those students had some terrific successes with our volunteer websites. For example, one retailer increased their conversion rate by 132% and one lead generation website increased their conversion rate by 111%. I need more volunteer websites to work with my students. In order to achieve their certification, my students must perform a certain number of successful improvements for a website. Some of these…

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Testing Like an Olympian: An Interview With Janis Lanka, Elastic Path

Janis Lanka (@janislanka, manages front-end development for Elastic Path Software and was responsible for testing on the Official Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store. 1.    What were the precipitating events that caused your company to start testing? 1)      We knew there were areas of the site that could use optimization: our homepage could be less busy; our product details page could better display key information; our checkout process could be shorter (too many people were abandoning the process mid-way). However, since these were “opinions,” and nobody…

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MarketMotive Conversion Scholarship Winner

A few weeks ago MarketMotive, the rest of the faculty and I announced a contest to award a scholarship for a MarketMotive certification training. We received several fantastic submissions and it was very difficult to choose a winner. However, Evan Hinkle, “a 20-year-old, high-functioning individual diagnosed on the spectrum of autism” stood out for his wonderful submission that you can read below. Congratulations Evan, and thank you to all those who submitted an entry. I wish I had awards for…

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5 Dimensions of Landing Page Element Success

Last time, I shared with you the 10 landing page elements, such as the call to action, that make up the anatomy of a landing page. Once you have identified your elements, there are five dimensions to evaluate if the elements will work at converting your visitors. The five dimensions are: Relevance Quality Location Proximity Prominence Relevance Everything else about your page can suck (the technical term we use in Brooklyn), as long as you manage to understand your visitor’s intent…

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Will You Be the Next Person to Increase Conversions by 100%?

I couldn’t be prouder of my MarketMotive conversion certification students. For example, I had one of my students do a fabulous job critiquing websites at SES New York during a conversion clinic session and many of my students have been doing amazing work increasing conversion rates on their own sites and on several of the sites that volunteered to have our students work with them. In fact, one of those volunteer sites, a mobile application provider, increased their conversion rate…

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Anatomy of a Landing Page: Design Elements Exposed

Landing pages have become an important part of the marketer’s toolbox. To create effective landing pages, you should understand the anatomy of a landing page and it should be part of your landing page and optimization framework. After optimizing thousands of landing pages over the years, I want to offer this framework for understanding the 10 key elements of a landing page. Not all of the following elements always need to be on a page to create an effective landing page.…

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Lessons Learned From RSS Ray

This is a copy of the letter I asked my friend Brian Offenberger to draft about the lessons learnt from a situation that led him to share a copy of one of my presentations. “The recent situation with Bryan Eisenberg concerning my duplication of his material in one of my presentations was quite a learning experience. I walked into my office Monday afternoon, only to be greeted by an associate saying there was a firestorm of activity on the internet claiming I…

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